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Latest patient 360 feedback comments

Mr Tanner has been exceptional in his knowledge and handling of my situation.

Excellent care from Mr Tanner.

Very polite and helpful. Made special effort to make me feel at ease.

I have confidence in this doctor. He was recommended by a friend

He has a totally professional, yet friendly approach.

A very useful 1st appointment. Mr Tanner was extremely clear in his excellent explanations

Treatment arranged very speedily. All his team were pleasant, polite and helpful. Secretary especially.

Excellent result from surgery and confident that it can only get better – Thank you.

Very experienced Doctor that has put me at ease with decisions that on the surface do scare me.

A good teacher; kind to patients.

You have been extremely professional throughout all of my operations, both for retinal detachment and cataract. You have done your best for me. Thank you so much.

The optician’s verdict on my cataract operation – “Brilliant”. I now have 20/20 vision in my left eye. I can not thank you enough and look forward to having the right eye done.

These thoughts come to you with grateful thanks for all the care and expertise you have given, enabling me to still live a very full life

I am happy to be able to report that yesterday’s operation appears to have been a complete success. I am now able to use my iPhone and watch television with no glasses very comfortably, which is exactly what Mr Tanner predicted. Please pass on this message of thanks to him

Not only is his website first class, but also the gentleman himself

I would like to thank your Eye Unit Team led by Mr Vaughan Tanner. I went through the vitrectomy operation …..and I am very grateful to people who treated me…
Please pass on my sincere thanks to all of them and tell them how much I appreciated their excellent professional job and dedication to their profession.

Thank you …please could you give my sincerest thanks again to Mr Tanner -I am so grateful …..for his expertise in performing the operation. The difference is amazing!

Just a short note to express my delight at the substantial improvement following the treatment on the 28th, much better than I envisaged.

Talking to Mr Tanner was like discussing my treatment with a friend

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Tanner. The results of research and discussions with Bupa and my GP were amply rewarded with the treatment….. I have now seen Mr Tanner pre-op, op, and post-op and can confirm that his care and treatment has been excellent throughout

Mr Tanner gave clear advice …..The operation went smoothly and was much less trouble than I imagined. The vision the eye that was operated on is very good

He is a courteous and highly skilled professional.

The treatment from Mr Tanner was excellent.

Mr Tanner was friendly and courteous throughout. It transpired he was at medical school with one of my sons, which was a bonus. He is in my opinion at the peak of his surgical career. Very experienced and therefore very competent

I have been very impressed with the quality of Mr Tanner’s care

Mr Tanner took time to explain what was a routine operation for him but a little scary for me. I was very reassured and delighted with the outcome, thank you so much Mr Tanner and team

Thanks to you and your wonderful team at King Edward VII Hospital, I woke up this morning with perfect eyesight – for the first time in years.
No more squinting when driving at night or reading small print and, hopefully, no more being dazzled or lost golf balls as I’ll be able to see them in flight.
You must take immense pride in the difference you make to the quality of life for so many people. You have my total admiration. Thank you so much.

The transformation in my eyes since the cataracts were removed has been amazing. It is like I have been born again. Thankyou so much.

Thank you very much for the prompt response. Pls thank Dr Tanner for me.
Both of you are amazing and a great team.

Dr Tanner did a fantastic job combining vitrectomy with cataract surgery. Ten months on my vision is excellent. This is amazing. I think Dr Tanner is an asset to any hospital and I strongly recommend him as a patient – In fact I have been doing that already to a number of people. Thank you Dr Tanner for restoring my vision. I have great respect for you. Excellent team.

Once again this comes with a sincere thank you for the care and expertise. The removal of the cataracts has given me new and clearer vision.
The gift of sight is a wonderful thing. Thank you

I am truly delighted – and enormously relieved – to confirm that my Mum returned home to Scotland on Tuesday ( well schooled in the art of applying eye drops ) and is an infinitely more confident and happy lady in her everyday life having had both eyes restored to working order.
I am confident she believes Mr Tanner could walk on water should he so choose.
I just wanted to pass on to you and to Sally my sincerest thanks for all your help in re-arranging appointments and being so understanding. Tomorrow I shall also be thanking my friend ….for ensuring she was seen by the most skilled and caring surgeon to whom I am, of course , enormously indebted – please pass on to him my very best wishes.

With grateful thanks for all the care and expertise you have given enabling me to still live a very full life.

‘On behalf of ……we would like to thankyou for the service you have carried out on her eyes. She can now read down to the smallest print on the paper…All of this would not have been possible without your skills and attention to her. Should any of the family require eye service of any kind your name will be top of the list !

Just a quick line to thankyou for all your help…I am so grateful to you for taking me out of appalling pain last month. I hope not to get into any more difficulties, though you would be a lifeline if I do.

I would just like to let you know that I had cataract surgery on Friday afternoon and it was a super success. The blur has disappeared and I don’t even have to adjust the lenses of my glasses. Would you please let Mr Tanner know and once again thank him for his care and expertise.

I have great sight in my bad eye already. Within 2 days my sight was back. I am so pleased and happy. Mr Tanner is a marvel.

May I enclose my grateful thanks to you for giving my wife the gift of seeing again. She is now a changed person – instead of probably going blind, your skill and attention have changed her life. We are both most grateful to you.

Dr Tanner was recommended to me by an another eye specialist after having an eye accident which involved the Retina being severely damaged.
I could not have been in better hands, after initially going to a top eye clinic in London where they were adamant I would lose the eye entirely as this was the only way forward, Dr Tanner tried various procedures which resulted in saving my eye.
I cannot express my thanks enough to this man. His knowledge, dedication and willingness in what he does is enormous and also backed by a great team.
Thank you Dr Tanner . You have helped and supported me over the years and I owe soo much to you.

I am writing to thankyou for performing my cataract operation so quickly and successfully. The difference this has made to seeing objects both inside and outside of the home is quite remarkable.

I felt I must write while the euphoria lasts! I cannot remember ever having sight comparable with that which you have given me, every leaf defined and distant flying birds now clearly visible. To take away the blur of cataracts is one thing but to give me vision clearer than ever before is an amazing bonus, also even the smallest print is readable now. Thank you so very much.

I would just like to convey my thanks for the excellent care and treatment I have received. Thank you for making it so much less of an ordeal and for the help and care from all of the staff. Again, many thanks.

Whilst writing I would once again thank you for your outstanding services that have restored the vision in my right eye.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for giving my eyesight back. I am sure that cataract surgery is routine for you but it is anything but routine for me. Being able to see with such clarity is really wonderful, so thank you.

How do I say thankyou to a man who has given me a new “look” on life? How do I put into words my immense gratitude for the gift you have given me of renewed sight? Over the years I did not realize how much my sight had deteriorated, but thanks to your talents and outstanding skills I can once again see clearly.

I wanted to thank you for my “new eye” – Oh Brave New World that ha such sights as I now see within it. It must greatly lift your spirits to be able to do the wonderful things that you do do every day. I am very grateful.

The treatment I have received has been brilliant. This has been over four years. I have always been made to feel that I was important. I cannot fault the service I have received. Many thanks to you and your team.

Just thought you might like to know that I am typing this, without my specs etc, and that I am also reading unaided as previously – praise the Lord, and his helpers! Happy Christmas

I am having difficulty in finding adequate words to express my grateful thanks to you for your expertise in saving and improving my sight.

Thank you for a second, amazing operation. I’m doing so well and often forget glasses as my sight is so good.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for restoring light and colour to my life. Brilliant, literally.

With many thanks for restoring my sight to 6/4, 6/4, as it was in 1944 when I was 18 ! I had excellent sight within a few hours of my cataract operations and it continues to improve. I am very grateful for your professionalism and skill

Thank you so much for restoring my sight so quickly and painlessly. I was able to drive home after my visit to you on Friday – the first time my husband has risked me taking the wheel for a year! Thanks also to your surgical team and to Trudy for her reassurance on the telephone. Everything is so much clearer and it has made such a difference to every day life already.
Thank you again.

Dear Mr Tanner, We just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done. So much appreciate. Have passed the “wrinkle and hours dust test” with flying colours !

What a wonderful department. I had the privilege of being treated by Mr Tanner and team. I found the care and explanation of the procedures excellent and really helped my fear. Everyone from top to bottom was caring and helpful. The whole department deserves a pat on the back.

I should like to express my sincere thanks to Mr Tanner for transforming my life!
Today I saw the world in a way I cannot remember ever seeing before. I found the experience both amazing and quite emotional. I had no idea that I would be able to see so well. It is quite incredible. So my sincere thanks for all your help and support. I was naturally a little nervous on approaching the procedure but now I am looking forward to having the other eye done.
Many,many thanks for everything. Warmest regards and many thanks,

After my two cataract operations and my eye drops completed it remains for me to pen a note of thanks to Mr Tanner and all his team for such a successful and efficiently conducted achievement.
The effect has been quite remarkable with the recovery of ability to read text and drive with either eye without glasses.
My compliments to Mr Tanner for his expert attention and all the wonderful service.

Therefore I chose Dr Tanner who is both a vitreo-retinal and cataract surgeon. As we all know there are not many of those around. I am very pleased to say that Dr Tanner hid a fantastic job of the operation by a combination of vitrectomy and by placing a a multi-piece IOL into the sulcus area of my right eye in one procedure. As a result, ten months on, my vision is excellent to a point that my optician did not need to update my previous prescription. This is amazing.
I think Dr Tanner is an asset to any hospital, I strongly recommend him as a patient. In fact, I have been doing that already to a number of people. Thank you Dr Tanner for restoring my vision. I have great respect for you.
Sally, also many thanks to you as you have been brilliant and to Dunedin Spire Hospital for providing an excellent service. I appreciate it very much. Excellent team!

I am writing to confirm the appreciation…….Having been a partner in a busy professional practice I know how hard it is build and retain a truly excellent team. I have appreciated being able to read for longer, to again enjoy my collection of old letters, to drive and to appreciate the full range of colour in spring flowers.
Please convey to all your team my congratulations on providing such excellent care….

A special thank you for doing my husband’s cataract operations. It has made such a difference. Also many thanks to the staff who I cannot praise enough. Thank you again.

Another wonderful year of being able to see again so well, Thank you

Thank you once again for giving my sight back.

Once again, thank you Mr Tanner for being so very patient with me, and for giving me the best gift in life – my sight ! I am getting emotional so pen off time. With every good wish…..

I’d just like to thank Mr. Tanner for my recent macula hole operation. Although it was slightly scary when I first found out what was wrong (distorted and twisted central vision and a shadow that wouldn’t clear when my optician shone his light in my eye), he put me immediately at ease with the procedure. Although I really couldn’t see what was happening in surgery, I did experience psychedelic shapes and colours – which helped to make the operation literally flash by ! I soon got used to the gas bubble in my eye afterwards – rather like looking through a goldfish bowl, but lying on my tummy for 50 mins an hour for 5 days (not including nights) was a daunting prospect. But no problem – with my head in a frame at the end of the bed, I was able to read with my good eye and even watch TV with the use of my shaving mirror. Audio books, however, were a revelation and I occassionaly still use them. After 2 weeks, the bubble had gone, and my sight was clearer than it had been for years. The following cataract removal and artificial lens implant seemed to be a doddle after this, though this was due entirely to Mr Tanner’s expertise. All I need now is a new lens in my glasses. I’m almost looking forward to having my other eye sorted, though with a different problem………Many thanks again. Brilliant !

I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the exceptional care I received. Reception is welcoming…Nurses are kind…Technicians are reassuring….Surgery was straightforward and aftercare was thorough.
My experience could not be improved and I would like to thank yourself and all your staff for your kindness, professionalism and the speed with which I was treated.

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for all that you and your team have done for me. It was my first operation ever and therefore I was somewhat apprehensive but everyone was so skilful, kind and helpful but the whole experience was made easy for me to cope with. I feel very lucky to have had such professional treatment. Thank you all once again.

Thank you so much for your talk. The audience was so involved and enthusiastic with a stunning presentation, it made the whole organisation worthwhile. It was fascinating and I am sure that the Tanner fan club is gaining some new members.
Regards and thanks

Just wanted to take the opportunity to again thank you and your teams for your care and expertise. I cannot express how delighted I am to have colour, light, detail and yes, even dust back in my life.

You saving my sight was priceless. Something which I can only now appreciate.
Thank you so much for performing my surgery. I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have walked into the hospital that morning as an emergency to be told that you were there.
Better than winning the lottery !

I just needed to write and thanks to all your colleagues at the Eye Clinic for being so very patient with me and helping me retain the best gift of life, my sight. With best wishes.

Thank you once again for the incredible surgery you performed. I am very blessed to have found such an amazing consultant.

May I take this opportunity to say many thanks to Mr Tanner and his nursing them for my operation which has so far given me back absolutely fantastic vision in my right eye !!
And a special thank you to you as well for your understanding and kind assistance during my “period of uncertainty” and for your reassurance.
It all went extremely well and once again many thanks to all those involved with my op.

May I take this opportunity to say many thanks to Mr Tanner and his Nursing Team for my operation which has so far given me back absolutely fantastic vision in my right eye !! And a special thank-you to you as well for your understanding and kind assistance during my “period of uncertainty” and for your reassurance on my pre-op questions!

It all went extremely well on Friday and once again many thanks to all involved with my op.
Kindest regards

Latest colleague 360 feedback comments

He is a brilliant VR surgeon. He is very helpful when I need a second opinion.

During my work in Royal Berkshire Hospital I have developed many clinical skills and become able to reach the right diagnosis by following his advice.

Excellent trainer and role model – always available to give advice to trainees and very supportive for planning a VR career.

Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Very pleasant and helpful.

Excellent Clinician & Surgeon.

Excellent surgeon.

Very good doctor.

An excellent and very helpful colleague.

I would definitely recommend this doctor to family members and friends.

Excellent clinical skills.

He is a great surgeon and human.

It was a great honour to have worked with him. I shall be proud that I was his fellow in the vitreoretinal service.

Very skilled, experienced and knowledgeable, very supportive and an excellent teacher.

I have known Mr Tanner for many years now….,I would always recommend him to relatives/friends.

Very highly respected because of his clinical skill.