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Patient Information - Tecnis Symfony Lens implant in Cataract Surgery (extended range of focus lens)

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Tecnis Symfony Lens implant in Cataract Surgery (extended range of focus lens)

Most patients undergoing cataract surgery would like to see well in the distance and for near without glasses. Lens implants that try and achieve this have been available for over 20 years. However, early models were associated with a significant risk of visual problems such as halo and glare. Over the last few years there have been significant advances in lens technology providing much better results. There has also been increased recognition that better visual quality is achieved by using a lens which focuses for distance and intermediate work rather than distance and near work. With these extended range focus lenses inserted in both eyes the majority of patients do not need glasses for the vast majority of tasks other than reading small print.

Mr Tanner's preferred lens for this type of cataract and lens surgery is the Tecnis Symfony lens which gives excellent results as summarised in the diagrams below :

These lenses use two new technological innovations greatly improving patient satisfaction:
1. The proprietary diffractive echelette design feature extends the range of vision using a novel pattern of light diffraction.
2. The proprietary achromatic technology corrects chromatic aberration for enhanced contrast sensitivity.

The elongated focus of the TECNIS® Symfony lens leads to:
• A continuous range of high-quality vision for far, intermediate, and near distances
• Halo and glare comparable to a monofocal (distinct single focus) IOL
• Multifocal IOLs work on the principle of simultaneous vision; one image is in focus while the out-of-focus image is suppressed; halos are caused by the out-of-focus image. Because the TECNIS®Symfony IOL has one elongated focus it has the halo and glare profile comparable to a monofocal IOL.



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