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Patient Information - Retinoschisis

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Retinoschisis is the term given to a fairly common condition in which the peripheral retina degenerates to form a cyst like cavity within the retinal layers. In the vast majority of cases the cysts do not progress to a true retinal detachment or involve central vision in any way. In the few cases where progression does occur to retinal detachment, surgery can be very challenging.  Routine prophylactic laser or cryotherapy treatment is occasionally of benefit. The condition frequently affects the inferior retina in both eyes and is not thought to be hereditary. It is usually picked up as an asymptomatic finding during a visit to the opticians and is thought to be commoner in long-sighted people.

Retinoschisis - Information from Mr Vaughan Tanner          

The pictures below show a schematic and clinical photo of retinoschisis, which has developed holes in both the inner and outer retinal layers to form a retinal detachment. Even in these cases progression to visual loss is unusual.

Retinoschisis - Mr Vaughan Tanner - Tanner Eyes   Retinoschisis - Mr Vaughan Tanner      
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