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Patient Information - Benefits of refractive lens surgery include

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Greater Clarity of Vision: Vision is crisper and sharper.

Improved Quality of Life: Many studies have shown that people enjoy improved quality of life after successful lens replacement surgery. Most people feel that driving and activities such as reading, sewing, golf and using a computer are all much easier without the requirement for contact lenses or glasses.

Toric Lenses - Removal of astigmatism:
Newly developed Toric lenses allow the power of the lens to be different at different orientations within the eye. This allows correction of abnormal corneal curvature, known as astigmatism, and increases independence from spectacles post-operatively.

Multifocal lenses - No reading glasses:
These lenses offer the potential to see well for near and distance without the use of glasses following lens surgery in selected cases. Many people are delighted with this option but it does have some drawbacks, including possible haloes around lights at night. Mr Tanner will discuss the relative merits and whether or not a multifocal lens is appropriate for you on an individual basis.

Remaining Glasses Requirement: Eye measurement and lens technology are continuingly improving and the vast majority of patients find that they no longer require glasses or contact lenses for the majority of activities. It is impossible to guarantee that no glasses or contact lenses will be required but around 90-95% of patients achieve spectacle independence following surgery. If one of the gentle multifocal lenses are used, then this usually enables around 90% of activities to be carried out without reading spectacles with occasional use of glasses for smaller print in dim light.

Mr Tanner and his team are very happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding potential refractive lens exchange surgery.

For more information, please visit www.tanner-eyes.co.uk which has many patient information leaflets and background information on the latest lenses available.


Patient Information Leaflet - Download Here

The information provided in this website is intended as a useful aid to general practitioners, optometrists and patients. It is impossible to diagnose and treat patients adequately without a thorough eye examination by a qualified ophthalmologist, optometrist or your general practitioner. Hopefully the information will be of use prior to and following a consultation which it supplements and does not replace.
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