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Patient Information - Post-operative advice after cataract extraction and lens implantation

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Relief of pain

It is unusual for the eye to feel more than mildly uncomfortable.

A mild painkiller, such as Paracetamol is adequate.


An eye shield is placed on the eye at the end of surgery.

No dressings are used after the operation but sunglasses may be helpful.
It is a good idea to use an eye shield at bedtime for the first two or three
nights to remind you not to rub the eye.

Do not clean the eye itself with tissues or towels etc. You may remove any debris from the eyelid with a clean tissue.

Eye Drops

Two different types of drops will be provided, one called Acular, to be used three times a day for one week, and one called Tobradex, to be used three times a day for four weeks. Please make sure you are confident about inserting these drops before leaving the hospital.


Continue to wash your face as normal, keeping soap away from the eye. Bathing is more sensible than showering for the first week. If your eye becomes sticky, bathe with cooled, boiled water using a tissue or cotton wool. Eye make-up should be avoided for two weeks and it is advisable to avoid hair washing for the first few days.

Exercise, lifting and straining

Gentle activity is encouraged (light housework, walking) but avoid heavy or vigorous exercise such as heavy gardening, tennis, moving furniture etc. for the first two or three weeks. You may drive after four days if vision is adequate and you feel well. For the first two or three days, avoid too much bending or straining.


Your vision should be improving by day two. You will probably not be able to see very clearly for reading until you obtain new spectacles at about one month after the operation

Queries or worries

You should contact Mr Tanner or the main Hospital switchboard if the eye becomes very red or painful, the vision deteriorates, or you develop nausea and vomiting.

If you have any unanswered questions or worries, please contact Mr Tanner’s secretary on 0800 644 0900 for Reading patients or 0800 644 0700 for Windsor patients.

The information provided in this website is intended as a useful aid to general practitioners, optometrists and patients. It is impossible to diagnose and treat patients adequately without a thorough eye examination by a qualified ophthalmologist, optometrist or your general practitioner. Hopefully the information will be of use prior to and following a consultation which it supplements and does not replace.
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